Love Cosmedical Data Sheet


LOCALIZED ADIPOSITY are subcutaneous adipose tissue accumulations in specific anatomical areas that alter body silhouette (Amore R et al, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2016)
The optical microscope can clearly indicate the hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the adipose tissue in absence of pathological characters.

PRIMARY (Hormone-related, sex-related, can be hereditary. Not involved in the metabolism and not disappear slimming. Once removed do not reappear. Antilipolytic α2-adrenergic receptor): INNER THIGHS, CULOTTE DE CHEVAL, INNER KNEE
SECONDARY (Linked to diet and lifestyle, Improve with weight loss, Lipolytic β–adrenergic receptors): ABDOMEN, FLANKS, BACK ROLLS, DOUBLE CHIN, ARM, PSEUDOGYNECOMASTIA
PATHOLOGICAL - IATROGENIC (Resulting from drug treatments (ARVs), diseases (Cushing), or idiopatic.): BUFFALO HUMP, LIPOMAS, GYNECOMASTIA, OTHERS (POST OP, POST TRAUMA) Bays HE et al Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther 2008; 6(3): 343- 368, Smith SR et al. Metabolism 2001 50(4),425–435