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Love Cosmedical bases its DNA on these foundations, i.e. transforming and innovating existing and sometimes obsolete products, formulations, techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine, based on the experience of what are the real needs of the market and medical operators.
This was possible thanks to our sensitivity and above all thanks to the talent of Professor Amore. Thanks to his international experience, we were able to develop the most innovative solutions to meet the needs of thousands of medical operators who are now our convinced and proud customers.
Love Cosmedical began its adventure to give a new answer to the treatment of localized adiposity, launching the first Desobody product on the market which today is considered the reference solution for this type of treatment. Later came Profound which helped to mark a milestone within the biostimulants, then evolved into the more performing product, Neofound. In addition, we also developed a Cellulite line based on Strikecell and Celluerase. Lastly, we arrived to the production of peelings and fillers in order to cover all the aesthetic needs. The aesthetic medicine market is still very rich and constantly growing in terms of numbers and turnover and there is space for all operators. We have decided to follow our ambitions, our passions, bringing our breath of fresh air.
Love Cosmedical is now present in over 45 countries and within a few years, it has won the respect and trust of thousands of doctors all over the world with an annual growth rate in recent years between 70 and 90% per annum, investing over the 20% of the turnover in Research and Development through a team of the highest level also composed of university professors of different backgrounds and origins, in the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals.
We have a range of products capable of covering most of the needs of patients who turn to the aesthetic doctor, dermatologist or the plastic surgeon: starting from facial treatments with biorevitalizing and peeling, to body treatments with products for localized adiposity and cellulite as well as fillers.
The keys to success lie in the professionalism and passion of Love Cosmedical members and human resources. We have organized an extremely articulated and efficient sales and customer satisfaction service ready to respond quickly and comprehensively both to orders, processed within a few hours, and to all after-sales needs.
Love Cosmedical wants to be at the service of its customers and their needs; in 2021 we also launched Love Academy with a staff of over 10 doctors. Each of them has a great international experience and high profile.
In addition, they are of various nationalities in order to provide training and scientific support to all distributors spread over the 5 continents. Love Cosmedical through its Academy is not driven only by the logic of profit, but also by the love for science, innovation, and love for the diffusion of scientific knowledge. Currently, it s difficult to say where.
Love Cosmedical will go, we never set limits. The mission is excellence, the way to get there is the quality of the products and innovative technologies and techniques of use. Niche products are characterized by a high technological value.
We want to be recognized as being able to develop unique, quality and above all extremely effective productsatanaffordable price, so that everyone can use our products.