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Company Profile

Company Profile

Love Cosmedical sells medical devices through multiple national and foreign distribution channels. The company develops and produces products by developing its own technologies. The growth strategy includes:

1. Develops its own technologies and products thanks to a research and development team of the highest international profile, with the ability to market new products, unique and with a strong appeal on the markets
2. Complete the registration process for each medical device and keep it updated for those already registered.
3. Establish corporate identity, brand names, trademarks.
4. Establish a pool of highly qualified doctors in the field able to carry out research, conduct scientific studies, provide assistance, tutoring, teaching and updating.
5. Develop staff and ad hoc infrastructures.
6. Perform clinical tests.
7. Continuous research and development capable of producing new products and updating existing ones.

Company locations and structures

Love Cosmedical's commercial offices, training center and R&D department are located in Via Rossini 7, Cecina (LI). The packaging, storage and shipping department is located in Via Marradi 32, Cecina (LI).

Love Cosmedical