Love Cosmedical Data Sheet


Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process of subcutaneous fat, which involves changes in skin texture. The high incidence in young female population and the fact that inevitably affects sportswomen, models and underweight have made that this imperfection has become one of the major target of medical aesthetic treatments. The uncertain etio-pathophysiology and the myriad of proposed remedies (medical and otherwise) have created a lot of confusion about it and therapeutic failures.
Based on the fact that within the same individual co-exist simultaneously progressive stages of cellulite and that different methodologies combinante rationally determine synergistic effect, CELLU-LINE offers a new therapeutic scheme can effectively treat cellulite at every stage. 

CELLUERASE: Microsurgical blade specifically designed to erase depressed lesions that results from the alteration of the network of connective tissue strands that tethering the dermis to the deeper layers. 

STRIKECELL:  Exclusive formula containing the following actives principles: Caffeine. activates the tissue lipid catabolism, increasing the reduction of fatty deposits Carnitine. increases lipid catabolism Equisetum. diuretic, remineralizing Artichoke. detoxifying and diuretic action EDTA. solubilize and remove the extracellular heavy metals, toxic elements, secondary to the damage of the microcirculation. Chelating metals: 1) reduces the MMPs activity, proteases responsible of the remodeling connective fibrous component. 2) reduces the damage by ROS (antioxidant effect).


Protocol differs from the clinic frame but generally:

1° Step. Erase the single lesions introverted with CELLUERASE and perform STRIKECELL in a transdermic way in all areas affected from cellulite, on the same session.

2° Step. Treat all areas with STRIKECELL every week for 5-6 weeks.

3° Step. (if necessary) Erase the remaining single lesions with CELLUERASE.

Repeat the treatment with STRIKECELL every 6 months, 5-6 sessions.