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Modern society, the lengthening of the average life span, globalization have led in recent years to greater attention on the individual aesthetic aspect and greater use of aesthetic medicine.
According to the periodic surveys of the most renowned scientific journals in the sector, aesthetic medical treatments annually undergo an increase of more than 200%. In recent years, therefore, the use of aesthetic medicine has become the order of the day, increasing the number of users, injectors, techniques used and products. Unfortunately, this increase has also led to an inevitable increase in adverse events and complications.
Behind this strong push, aesthetic medicine has evolved acquiring the dignity of a real branch of medicine and, as such, made up of scientific bases, anatomical knowledge, protocols and standardized techniques. The figure of the aesthetic doctor has been educated, evolved and specialized.
Aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving on the basis of new knowledge on the aging process, on the possibility of regenerating the various tissues and on increasingly avant-garde and minimally invasive technologies. Research activity is extremely lively in this field as is the search for training.
Today the aesthetic doctor must have acquired adequate knowledge and, at the same time,gained experience such as applying them case by case in daily practice, carving out the right therapy, like a tailor. Love Academy was born from the need to learn scientific bases with technical knowledge and acquire the appropriate skills to apply them daily with confidence and mastery. A training course that begins with theory and continues with practice at various levels (see training course).

Courses at different levels will progressively lead to the aesthetic doctor s maturity up to the completion of the path which, however, can continue with research and updating (see type of courses).
Thanks to our trainers, each with their own skills, learners will be able to learn many of the most difficult and effective techniques of aesthetic medicine (see proposed topics).

- Brazilian buttock and body reshape. A course that will lead to the discovery of body filling techniques with autologous and heterologous fillers. From the famous Brazilian buttock to filling the calves, male pectorals, etc. up to the genitals.
- Intralipotherapy. How to reshape the silhouette by injection. The ad hoc technique for the non- surgical reduction of localized adiposity through the use of chemical solutions.
- Cellulitis treatments. A guide to the multidisciplinary treatment of cellulite and the irregularities of the skin texture of the body. In particular, the course will allow you to learn mesotherapy (for orange peel) and manual subcision (for dimpling and inverted scars).
- Full face restoration. Contrary to the recent trend of trying to standardize filling techniques (e.g. points, codes) this course offers a tailored approach to magnify a subject s face by correctly restoring angles and volumes. Based on specific anatomical knowledge compared by age, sex, aging, morphology and race, a meticulous diagnostic classification will be performed and the most appropriate techniques and quantities of product will be applied in order to obtain the maximum result in safety.
- Modern approach to rejuvenation. Modern concepts of facial aging are based on the fact that this involution process affects all structures located at different levels: bones, soft tissues and skin. Each layer is responsible for different blemishes. Those related to the surface of the skin, such as wrinkles, discoloration skin, loss of firmness, smoothness and brightness, are very common and responsible for an unattractive look. Many treatments are available today to reduce the appearance of surface defects such as: home topical therapy, chemical peels, needling, mesotherapy, filler injections, botulinum toxin injections. Each one has his specificity and target. Course will show what you use, when, where and how in order to have synergy and to achieve best results.