The conventional drugs given by injection can cause side effects, that could also be very serious and, however, often do not reach the damaged area in sufficient concentration: farmaforesi is the alternative solution in the treatment of non-systemic forms, without using needle and without side effects. Also described as “precision method” or “decisive targeted therapy without drugs in blood circulation”, it represent an important step in regenerative medicine to restore tissues damaged.

FarmaTEB® potentiates the passage oFarmaTEB® enhances the drug passage (high molecular weight also) through the organ skin, by means of pulsed waves that move “on reptation”. it Enhance the efficacy of any medical substance able to influence the regeneration of any type of tissue, promoting angiogenesis, remodeling the extracellular matrix, thus accelerating the healing process. In place is the most realistic perspective of prevention and treatment in regenerative medicine . it can treat ,from the first application , even the socalled “impossible “ diseases like : stretch marks , keloid scarring and degenerative diseases , ensuring a therapeutic response as to return integrity to injured structures and all the existing functions .