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Formula designed exclusively to treat the orange peel of cellulite, containing well-balanced active ingredients such as caffeine, carnitine, horsetail, artichoke, EDTA. Each of these has a specific function. Aim: reduce the evolutionary process of cellulite by improving its appearance in fine irregularities.

- 1 Vial for session

- 1 session a week for 5-6 weeks

- Exclusive formula containing the following actives principles:
Caffeine. activates the tissue lipid catabolism, increasing the reduction of fatty deposits Carnitine. increases lipid catabolism
Equisetum. diuretic, remineralizing
Artichoke. detoxifying and diuretic action
EDTA. solubilize and remove the extracellular heavy metals, toxic elements, secondary to the damage of the microcirculation.
Chelating metals:
1) reduces the MMPs activity, proteases responsible of the remodeling connective fibrous component.
2) reduces the damage by ROS (antioxidant effect).